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“BEAT PLASTIC POLLUTION”- HOSTED BY INDIA “Beat Plastic Pollution”, the theme for World Environment 2018, urges governments, industry, communities, and individuals to come together and explore sustainable alternatives and urgently reduce the production and excessive use of single-use plastic polluting our oceans, damaging marine life and threatening human health. By choosing this Theme, it isContinue reading “2018 WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY”

what is the meaning of Eco-friendly.

Going green has been a theme for businesses, homeowners, and even cities for the past several years.  With talk of reducing waste, limiting our footprint, and making environmentally-friendly decisions, living a green life is easier than ever. What exactly is eco-friendly living? Eco-friendly simply means something is not harmful to the environment. It’s a termContinue reading “what is the meaning of Eco-friendly.”